Girls in Justice

Susan Batchelor

Senior Lecturer, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow

Dr. Susan Batchelor is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow, based in the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. Her research interests center around the intersections of gender, generation, culture, and crime, and most of her publications relate to young women and violence. Susan is currently Principal Investigator on a qualitative study of repeat violent victimization funded by the Scottish Government. Between 2013 and 2015 she was co-Principal Investigator on (Re)Imagining Youth, an ESRC-funded study of youth leisure in Glasgow and Hong Kong (with Alistair Fraser). This research explored young people’s narratives of connectivity and the local and global ties that arise out of their everyday routines—including a focus on new social media and its impact on identity, social inequalities and relationships.

Since 2017 she has been involved in supporting the work of Girlhood Gang, a group of feminist social scientists interested in the experiences, identities and perspectives of young women and girls, led by Amanda Ptolomey and Hannah Walters.

Learn more about Susan Batchelor’s work:

Girls, Gangs and Violence: Assessing the Evidence. (2009)

Between Two Stools? Responding to Young Women who Offend. (2009) with M. Burman

‘Prove Me The Bam!’: Victimization and Agency in the Lives of Young Women Who Commit Violent Offences. (2005)

Challenging Violence: Girls, Gender and Violent Encounters. (2004) with M. Burman & J. Brown

Researching Girls and Violence: Facing the Dilemmas of Fieldwork. (2001) with M. Burman & J. Brown

Discussing Violence: Let’s Hear It From The Girls. (2001) with M. Burman & J. Brown


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