Girls in Justice

Juvenile Justice: Expert Exchanges & Webinars

The Dui Hua Foundation is a human rights NGO that advocates for political and religious prisoners in China. In 2008, Dui Hua began exploring the issue of juvenile justice reform by facilitating an expert exchange between US legal experts and China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC). With this, an ongoing dialogue on child protection, and the best policies to achieve it, began. 

Since then, Dui Hua has facilitated nine exchanges with China’s SPC. In 2020, Dui Hua held its first virtual expert exchange, and this site was born as a venue to host the exchanges and resources on juvenile justice, child welfare, and the treatment of women and girls in prison.  

On this site, you can watch our expert exchanges, learn about the experts, and view the resources on best practices. 

We invite you to dive in- attend a webinar, reach out to a panelist, read articles, and get involved