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On this site, you can attend our webinars virtually, and hear from leading activists, judges, scholars, lawyers and field practitioners about issues related to juvenile justice, child welfare, and gender-specific policy needs.  

On the Webinars page, you can watch our virtual events and find out more about the topics discussed. Click on an event to watch the webinar, learn about the panelists, and find out about the research cited in the webinar. 

On the Panelists page, you can learn about the experts who participated in our exchanges, read their research, delve into their presentations, and find out how to follow-up on their exciting work.

On the Event Materials page, you can access materials including research papers, PowerPoint presentations, an annotated bibliography, and a booklet on best practices girls in conflict with the law in English and Chinese.  

On the Get Involved page, you can download a unique set of recommendations from our International Symposium on Girls in Conflict with the Law, learn about exciting organizations working on these issues, and find suggestions for ways that you can be part of the solution. 


About our knowledge exchanges

Dui Hua’s work seeks to improve the lives of marginalized communities and vulnerable groups. In addition to its work on political and religious prisoners, Dui Hua’s programs focus on juvenile justice reform and women in prison. Dui Hua believes that these are areas of mutual concern for the United States and China.  

While US-China relations may freeze and thaw, the well-being of vulnerable populations transcends borders. On areas like these, where no country has a perfect record, dialogue on novel research and best practices are necessary. The future of our world’s youth is bigger than any geopolitical divide. United by this value, the Supreme People’s Court of China and Dui Hua’s band of activists and experts have participated in nine exchanges: 

2023: Topics in Juvenile Justice: A Sino-American Exchange (online) 

2022: Joint Program on Child Welfare Laws (online) 

2020 – 2021: The International Symposium on Girls in Conflict with the Law (online) 

2017: China-US Juvenile Trial System Reform Seminar in Shenzhen 

2014: Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange in Beijing, with a seminar on records sealing 

2014: Women in Prison – An International Symposium on the Bangkok Rules in Hong Kong 

2012: Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange in the San Francisco Bay Area 

2010: Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange in Beijing and Qingdao 

2008: First Sino-US Exchange on juvenile justice reform in Illinois, Maryland, Washington DC, and California 


Our History

Dui Hua organizes exchanges among criminal justice practitioners and scholars, China’s Supreme People’s Court, and US judges in order to advance reforms. In 2017, Dui Hua held its fifth juvenile justice exchange with China’s Supreme People’s Court on the reform of the juvenile trial system.

The 2014 exchange, “Women in Prison: An International Symposium on the Bangkok Rules,” focused on the implementation of the UN Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-Custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the “Bangkok Rules”).

For that expert exchange, Dui Hua translated “Neglected Needs: Girls in the Criminal Justice System” into Chinese. Researched and written by Penal Reform International and the Inter-agency Panel for Juvenile Justice, “Neglected Needs…” examines the challenges girls face in the criminal justice system and makes recommendations to strengthen the protection of their rights.

Download “Neglected Needs: Girls in the Criminal Justice System”:

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This website was initially completed as an initiative of the International Symposium on Girls in Conflict with the Law. Generous support from the following sponsors made the Symposium possible and served as the catalyst for this site. The Dui Hua Foundation remains grateful for their support and ongoing concern for juvenile justice reform and girls in conflict with the law:

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