Girls in Justice

Dai Qiuying (代秋影)

Director & Deputy Researcher of Department of Criminal and Administrative Justice Research, China Institute of Applied Law, Supreme People’s Court, P.R.China 

(中国最高人民法院中国应用法学研究所刑事行政审判研究部主任, 副研究员)

Dai Qiuying has a Master of Law from Renmin University of China, a Master of Law from the University of Paris I, and a Doctorate of Laws from Renmin University of China, and she joined the Institute of Applied Jurisprudence of the Supreme People’s Court in July 2011. Since 2015, she has mainly engaged in research in the fields of protection of minors and crime prevention, juvenile family trials, and family education legislation. She is currently an associate researcher of the China Institute of Applied Jurisprudence, the director of the Research Center for the Protection of Minors, and the head of the editorial department of China Journal of Applied Jurisprudence.

Since 2015, focusing on the protection of minors and crime prevention, she has participated in various seminars, trainings and research activities, with topics related to the concept of “maximizing children’s interests.” These include the implementation of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law, rural left-behind children and urban migration, children’s social problems and legal countermeasures, the establishment of special institutions for the protection of minors and early assistance and education, the establishment of a hierarchical intervention system for harmful behaviors of minors under the age of criminal responsibility, judicial countermeasures to prevent minors from committing crimes again, the guardianship system, the minors legal system, prevention of and response to school violence, the online protection of minors, child welfare legislation, family education legislation, comprehensive trial of minor cases, and more.

Dai Qiuying attaches great importance to the research from the perspective of child protection and applies this to every level of her work. She designs the framework and institutional mechanism of the research on the legal protection of minors with “children as the main body.” For this purpose, she participates in psychological training and obtained the qualification of national secondary psychological counselor. She has presided over and participated in more than ten series of research topics and projects organized or assigned by the Central Political and Legal Commission, Ministry of Education, All-China Women’s Federation, and other relevant ministries and commissions, and has produced research reports with high academic value. In addition, according to highly relevant social topics, she has published dozens of articles on the protection of minors in People’s Court Daily and China Women’s News, which have achieved good social effects and academic evaluation, and won the honorary title of “National Advanced Individual in Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Women and Children.” 


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